Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Because.

Yes, this is a pan full of crab.
We made a fantastic meal last night just because we could. I'm not bragging - or maybe I am - but, it all started after some friends gave us some fresh-caught Puget Sound crab. To accompany the crab we eagerly busted out some razor clams that were burning a hole in our freezer from a March dig that my dad generously ground up for me. My husband and I decided to make a rich clam chowder and a Crab Louie salad served with homemade 1000 Island dressing made from Russian pickles I canned in 2009. I know, pretty mouthwatering!

The meal was awesome and unfortunately for them, several of our friends had to bag out from joining us so it was happily just the three of us. Even better, we had many leftovers and followed up our abundantly satisfying dinner with a breakfast fit for kings: a crab and chive omelet. The best part about this little morning diddy was all the ingredients were right from our backyard; eggs from the chickens, chives from the garden and crab from our other "backyard" in Puget Sound. We were so giddy just thinking about this meal.

A meal like this one puts me in such good mood.

The morning after.

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