Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Simplicity is my style.

It's no secret, and I've mentioned it before, I like things broken down and am a big fan of the 'cliff note' versions. It's, also, no secret that I love to garden, cook and occasionally throw a craft project around. Actually, I'm not a super crafty person, but I love to bust something out that inspires me, on occasion. So, when I was introduced to the book, Simple Pleasures of the Garden: Stories, Recipes & Crafts from the Abundant Earth, I was thrilled to learn it was right in line with my style; easy to read, simple with short and sweet ideas to run with if you get in the mood. The best part about this book is you can read it FOR FREE online at http://www.libertary.com/book/simple-pleasures-of-the-garden or you can purchase it at Amazon using the link below.

If you like it, recommend it and review it online through Amazon! Check it out and leave me any comments about what you think of it.

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