Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dove Creek

I'm happy to announce I've recently gotten involved with the publishing side of things and have taken on the undertaking of marketing books and new authors. I'm happy to profess my enthusiasm about my first book managing Dove Creek; written by Paula Maria Coomer, this book is a raw and honest chronicle of a woman's life working as a nurse on an Indian reservation in Idaho.  
"Dove Creek is a wise, eloquent, fiercely honest fictional chronicle of a young woman’s venturesome journey from her bare-bones Kentucky background to an Indian reservation in the Pacific Northwest. She finds a new life as a much-loved healer—a blonde, female, hillbilly shaman who happens also to be a nurse for the Indian Health Service."
I encourage you to check out this book! You can read it for free online at or buy through Amazon for a hard copy or Kindle version. If you like it, review it here and online at

Let me know your thoughts! FREEDOM OF THE BOOK!

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