Friday, September 10, 2010

A Garden Diary in Photos.

Now, I just know this will bring tears to your eyes...a recap of a garden in a one-of-a-kind photo diary to share the joy - and frustrations - we've experienced this season. It was a hell-of-a season and I tend to get a little teary eyed, myself, when I look at all we produced this year. It's like a dream come true; you plant the seed and, hope, for all that life has to offer, well, with maybe a little help from my organic fertilizer. Yes, I'm that serious about it...forgive me. But, as miserable as it was getting anything started this year, we actually got something out of it. We didn't eat our faces off from the produce, but things started to turn around. And, thank God, because my husband starts to get annoyed with me about my participation in our garden when things don't go just quite right. Hey, I can't help it... I'm a fair weather kinda gal! But, I cleaned up my act and pulled it together...and I think I came out right on the other side.
Oregon Giant

Liberty Blueberries.

Purple, Yellow and Green Beans.

Peaches and Cream Corn.


Elias picking raspberries.
Once he gets started, he doesn't stop.
Cherry Tomatoes.
Banana Peppers
Bush Cucumber
Rainbow Carrots
Happy to enjoy things from the garden.

Basil, beautiful, basil.

Scallions aren't looking so bad.

Growing corn...see the ears in there!

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