Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cookie, I mean Kitchen Monster.

My 2 1/2 year old loves to be in the kitchen. He loves to stir things, blend things, crack eggs and, yes, use knives. It's a dirty job but, I figure, somebody has to do it. He demands (can you believe it!) sitting up on the counter or standing on his stool anytime I am in the kitchen. We just finished baking cookies and he's currently in the bathtub scrubbing the chocolate off his little body. He likes to get naked at some point in the day so there was chocolate, well, EVERYWHERE. You might think twice before eating our fresh-baked goods when you come for a visit, but I like to see his style at work and he's becoming quite the little helper - albeit bossy - when we cook in our kitchen.

He was so excited today because he got to "make cookies all by himself." Yes, he even used the blender without my help. If he noticed my hands coming near it he said he had it. He actually did a really good job until he went to lick the batter, then things got a bit messy. He cracked the eggs into the sugar mix - unfortunately they were miniature eggs because our latest chickens haven't quite developed the powerhouses. So, we used four little eggs, instead of two, and it seemed to do the trick.

He was getting pretty good at plopping the dough on the cookie sheets; they weren't in a line or all the same size, but they were HIS cookies and he was very pleased with himself. As was I.

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  1. Your a great mom! I admire parents who can get over the "messes" Im trying to do my best : ) we will have to get the kids together and let them bake...Alyssa LOVES doing this too!