Monday, June 28, 2010

Phosphate-free Washington

News on the street is Washington and Oregon recently passed  a law banning phosphate-ridden dishwasher soap. According to the Seattle PI, "phosphates promote plant growth and may degrade water quality in lakes and streams." By July 1, it's illegal to sell phosphate dishwasher soap for automatic dishwashers.

The bottom line is phosphates act as a fertilizer and allow algae to grow - limiting the oxygen supply to fish. Although treatment plants and private septic systems help eliminate phosphates, it's not 100 percent.

It seems Spokane and Whatcom counties have had this in effect since 2008, but the Eco-formulas lacked luster and folks were crossing the boarder into Idaho to get phosphate-laden soap. Who knew you would be considered an outlaw for smuggling dish washing soap?

But, the good news is there are better formulas in 2010 than there were even two years ago. Now, that's progress. And we all really do have to do our part. Here's some helpful ideas on which brands to consider when you change-over.

Here's a review for Method Smarty Dish Tabs which seems to be the best product out there and easily available. I heard it's cheaper at Bartell's or Lowe's.

Also, you can order in bulk from Eco-friendly Cal Ben - an online soap store. To order go to

Lastly, Consumer Report tested three types of phosphate free detergents and wrote their finding on their website at

Other states also implementing the ban are Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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